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The purpose of a local chapters is to provide programming at the local level for members and the public. These groups usually meet on a monthly or bi-monthly basis from September through May.

The Cornbelt Chapter of SDCA is currently looking for members to take on leadership roles. Please contact Lisa Jones for more information on how to get involved in SDCA and more specifically the cornbelt chapter.

The Cornbelt Chapter is doing great in membership numbers, but we are trying to get more members involved in coming to meetings, presenting on topics they feel passionate about or have knowledge of, and increase our presence at the SDCA conference.

The Cornbelt chapter encompases the area around Sioux Falls. We have members from Tea, Lennox, Parker, Canistota, Salem, Humboldt, Hartford, Brandon, Harrisburg, and more. If you are a new counselor, please come to our next meeting and check us out!

More information to come regarding meetings dates and events.

2016-2017 Cornbelt Chapter Board

Lisa Jones
Nicole Nelson
Nicole Nelson
President Elect
Lisa Jones
Past President