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National News

The legislative session is in full swing. Without doubt, there have been national issues making the headlines over the past few weeks. While SDCA, SDSCA, and SDMHCA is not always at liberty to take a stance on all issues, we do encourage our members (and really all citizens) to become informed and to share their viewpoints with their elected officials. We encouarge you to take part of any open forums in your areas as well, as this is a great way to be heard on a local level.

Please see the following links for contact information as well as tips for reaching out to senators and representatives. A speical thank you goes to SDSCA President, Jeff Heavlin for providing this information.

We sincerely thank you for your advocacy efforts.
SDCA Executive Committee

For current national issues and what you can do to help go to: http://www.counseling.org/government-affairs/recent-updates. This is available to ACA members and non-members alike. Check out information regarding:

  • Medicare Coverage of LPCs.
  • Mental Health Providers in the VA.
  • Reducing student to counselor ratios through the Student Support Act.

For information about the US Congress and the national legislative process, go to Congress.gov at http://beta.congress.gov/ and find out how:

  • To search bills by topic, bill number, or title.
  • To locate updated contact information for our Senators and Representatives.
  • This site is replacing “Thomas”.

Please feel free to contact your Government Relations Committee with questions or concerns.