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February Message from the President...

Hello SDCA Members. The legislative session has been an interesting one so far. There are some controversial issues this year, especially those around transgendered individuals. This legislation has put SDCA in a difficult position. We understand that we have members on both side of the issue and we want to respect our member’s individual opinions. On the other hand ACA has also asked us to be active against some of these bills (Specifically HB 1107). ACA stands on the premise that our counseling ethics dictate a certain level of respect and non-judgment towards all individuals. These bills don’t demonstrate that respect. That said at this time the SDCA board feels that it is our role to share the legislative information with our members so that if you choose to do so, you may advocate. I do want to encourage you to visit the newest version of the ACA Code of Ethics (2014), as this is the code that those who are licensed in the state adhere to. In our professional roles we do want to make sure we uphold our ethical code. It is okay to have different personal values, but as counselors we need to bracket these in professional situations.

If members want to keep up with legislative issues, watch for e-mails and Facebook posts from SDCA. You can also visit the legislative links provided for you below. The Legislative Research Council’s website is a great place to get any information about bills, contact your legislators, or find committee members.

The annual conference is coming soon and registration is open. This year’s conference will feature two Keynote Speakers, Dr. Bradley Erford (former ACA President, author, and Professor of Counseling), and Julia Cook (teacher, counselor, and author). There will also be a number of great breakout sessions and some valuable networking time. The conference program is available on the www.sdcounseling.org. It is the second banner on the homepage

West River Counseling Association is hosting an Ethics Workshop March 19th. It looks like a great opportunity to earn your ethics hours. Get more information and a registration form by visiting the www.sdcounseling.org. It is the fourth running head

Award Nominations are open. There are many well deserving counselors in South Dakota of the SDCA Awards, so nominate a colleague! So often people who are very deserve of the awards are not nominated, take the time to consider a nomination.

Recently ACA has asked SD to actively get involved in National Medicare legislation. This legislation would provide counselors the ability to bill Medicare. SDCA government relations committee members had a phone conference with ACA and the will guide us in meeting with our State representatives to advocate for Medicare coverage for counselors. All three of our representatives hold seats on committees of importance in Medicare expansion. If you have stories about shortage of coverage or clients who have been impacted by Medicare not covering counselors, please forward them to us to be shared during out visit

Mark Your Calendars:
March 1: SDCA Award Nominations Deadline
March 1: SDSCA Award Nominations Deadline
March 19: Ethics Workshop- West River
April 27-30th: SDCA Conference Aberdeen SD

Stacy Solsaa
SDCA President 2015-2016