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July Message from the President...

Welcome to the start of another exciting year of SDCA! That being said, please note that our fiscal year starts July 1st, meaning that all memberships also need to be renewed! Hopefully, many of you have been getting the membership renewal reminders. I know I have

Please know, you will stop receiving SDCA updates as well as news from Chapters and Areas of Specialty until you renew!

Please remember to renew your membership in the various SDCA Areas of Specialty as well as of your local chapter. If you renewed at conference, or if you have renewed for this year, THANK YOU! If not, get those membership forms in! Visit our website www.sdcounseling.com to renew now!

The SDCA Board of Directors met in Madison to develop our budget and strategic plan for the upcoming year. We are working on finding ways to provide more services to you, our members. Based on the feedback from the survey we sent out, we have focused our strategic plan on continuing to improve our conference, increase our advocacy, and improve our membership benefits. As I type this, board members are working on bringing in a speaker from ACA, working to bring in another national speaker for our 2016 conference, and are already laying the groundwork for our 2015 conference in Sioux Falls.

Our goal is to continue to increase membership benefits. Please email us to let the board of directors know what types of trainings you would like, speakers you enjoy, and what types of networking opportunities you would like to experience. SDCA will be proving a fall ethics training and SDSCA will be hosting its annual Counselor Connections Conference. I am excited at how promising this year of SDCA looks. Be sure to renew your membership so that you can experience this journey with us!

Rebecca Christiansen
2013-2015 SDCA President