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June Message from the President...

Here we are at June, the last month of the SDCA fiscal year and sadly the last month I will be serving you as president of SDCA. It has been a pleasure to be your president and I know that Erin Stolsmark will do an amazing job as she takes over on July 1, 2016.

The SDCA Board has worked hard this year to serve our members. We increased attendance at Day on the Hill in Pierre, we have begun to use zoom for some of our board and committee meetings which is also available for chapters to use to make chapter meeting more accessible to their members. We also have worked with local legislation and the Medicare bill at the National Level. We have also begun looking at ways to provide SDCA members with on-line and more accessible professional development opportunities and this project will carry over into next year. This is very exciting.

The theme for the 2016 SDCA conference was Counselors: Mental Health Super Heroes. I must say that counselors are truly super heroes. Everyday counselors work with clients and students to help them learn tools to improve their lives. Anyone can rescue others, but when people are continually rescued they don’t learn healthy ways of life. In the work that counselors do we help people become their own super heroes. I just want to say I am not only proud to be able to serve such a wonderful group of people, but even more proud to be one of you. While some days our work is difficult and we can’t help people unless they want to help themselves, there is no doubt that counselors across settings make the world a better place with the work we do. Be humble, but be proud, be ready for 2016-2017!!

Stacy Solsaa
SDCA President 2015-2016