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June Message from the President...

June is here and, hopefully, a beautiful summer will soon be upon us. June is the month where I will end my tenure as President of SDCA, so, this is the LAST Message from the President that you will be receiving from yours truly. I will be passing on the reigns to our President Elect, Stacy Solsaa, who will do a terrific job!!

June will be bringing some other changes to SDCA. We are in the process of changing our membership data base. What does this mean for you? Right now, you are only able to renew your membership with a paper mail in form. However, starting July 1st (or sooner) we will launch a new on-line renewal system that will allow you to renew ALL your membership-SDCA, SDSCA, SDMHCA, and all Chapters. We are working on changing things over now and an email will go out when our new system is on-line.

At the April Board meeting, the Board voted to explore filling the position of Bookkeeper and Executive Director for SDCA. A committee was formed, headed by Stacy Solsaa, and is currently in the process of filling this position. I hope that we will have someone hired by fall to begin work on our 2016 conference, which will be in Aberdeen.

The SDCA Leadership Training and Retreat will take place July 16-17, 2015, at Presentation College, in Aberdeen. ALL MEMBERS are welcome to attend the leadership training at no cost. This will run from 10am-3pm on July 16th. Come learn about leadership, finances, putting on trainings, and other topics. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to sdca.counseling@gmail.com by July 10th. Please feel free to email with any questions.

Thank you for being such a terrific group to work with! I have loved serving as your president for the last two years and will do my best to serve in my past president role this year. Thank you for all the support and kind words that I have received. I hope that I have inspired some of you to step into leadership roles. It will allow you to grow in ways that you can hardly imagine. Please keep in contact with me after July 1st!!! I will be turning over the email to Stacy, but can be reached at Rebecca.Christiansen@presentation.edu.

Have a great summer!

If you need anything, please feel free to contact me! Until next month...

Rebecca Christiansen
2013-2015 SDCA President